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Funniest Starcraft II Quotes

Starcraft 2 iPistol Ad

iPistol (Advanced Targetting 3.0): Take your shot at life.

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Leaders and Lamers

When an individual takes a seat in the highest tiers of an organization,  his every action becomes a reflection upon his followers and a definition of the very group he leads. This, of course, holds true for any organization, big or small. Throughout the history of man (no offense to my feminist readers, its just an expression) there seems to have been a balance between good and bad leaders.

For every good politician, there is one with mixed morals, a goofy mustache and a notorious alias (Mr. 10%). For every individual with a revolutionary concept, there is a critic and for every patriot with pride for his culture and the will to lead, there is a burger (“buhguh”).

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