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Funniest Starcraft II Quotes

Starcraft 2 iPistol Ad

iPistol (Advanced Targetting 3.0): Take your shot at life.

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Video Games Graffiti – Portal

Portal - The Cake is a Lie - EpiFunnyDead Man’s Graffiti:

So I was sifting through my PC-games’ screenshots folder the other day and found some pretty interesting shots in my collection.

There is a trend that has been growing in newer games that encourages gamers to stop and look around within the virtual environment. One very popular form of this tactic is what you can call the “Dead Man’s Graffiti”. More common to the First Person Shooter and survival horror genre, this trend urges even the most hardcore of gamers to do something that they seldom do – read – even if it’s a dying virtual man’s final message, written in his own virtual blood on a virtual wall. If you ask me, it’s the best thing that has happened to PC games since the Unreal and Half-life engines.

Portal and the DMG:

Speaking of the Half-life engine – following is a screenshot I took while playing Portal (which was developed using the Half-life 2 engine and is, in my opinion, the most entertaining puzzle-oriented game ever). Continue reading