Funniest Starcraft II Quotes

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Thor (Heavy-assault Mech with a Schwarzenegger sound-alike for a driver)

  1. “I kood aim, but with this thing…I don’t have to.”
  2. “Quiet! I’m trying to sneak up on them!”
  3. “If someone asks me if I ever killed any Zerg, I say ‘yes, but they were all bad’.”
  4. “I am heeya! Click me!”
  5. “I’ll be back.”

Battlecruiser (Terran air-cruiser with a blissful Russian for a Captain)

  1. “What’s with all these blinky lights?”
  2. “Dasvidanya! Don’t get any on ya!”
  3. “The Yamato is loaded! And so am I.”
  4. “I am seeing double! Shoot them both!”
  5. “Ah! It’s Happy Hour! Wonderful!”
  6. “Don’t panic. Just grab a hold of the nearest crew member. Oops! Sorry, dear!”

Marauder (Terran grenade-launcher infantry unit with a boomy African American voice)

  1. “Yeah, I’ve got all five fingers. Three on this hand, two on the other one.”
  2. “Baby, you really light my fuse.” *Thunk* “Whoops!” BOOM! “Damn! Premature detonation!”
  3. “Actually, that is a grenade in my pants.”

Ghost (Covert operative)

  1. “Boo.”
  2. “Did you see that? Exactly.”
  3. “I see live people.” BAM! “I see dead people.”
  4. “You have somethin’ on your face.” BAM! “Got it.”

Banshee (Terran air unit with a female pilot)

  1. “Today’s in-flight movie will be ‘Ghost Academy: The Musical’ starring Zac Afron and Corbin Green.”
  2. “What’s the vector, Victor? Give me the clearance, Clarence.”

Medivac (Terran Medical Evacuation dropship with a smart-mouthed female pilot)

  1. “The weather outside is hostile with a slight chance of fog of war.”
  2. “Welcome to the flying meat-wagon!”

Reaper (Jet-pack infantry)

  1. “These jets are burning my ass!”
  2. “I ain’t got time to bleed.” (Seen Predator?)
  3. “I’m bringin’  the pain…and the pizza in thirty minutes or it’s free.”
  4. “I thought I was signing up to be a repo man. Imagine my surprise…”

Hellion (Fire-spewing Terran buggy with a hillbilly driver)

  1. “Suspension is an integral part of any vehicle. But this one requires suspension of disbelief…get it?”
  2. “Got a problem with alien races? Seriously, just anticipate the terrain. You’ll win every time!”

Marine (Basic Terran infantry unit)

  1. “I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum!”
  2. “The only thing you should feel when you shoot someone is the recoil.”

Archon (Protoss heavy assault warrior formed by merging two high/dark templar with a body writhing in blue flames and a deep ghostly voice)

  1. Pissed “I’m…having…a flare up!”
  2. “One plus one equals one.”
  3. “People say I lack…substance.”
  4. “Burning…doing…the neutron…dance.”

Mothership (Powerful Protoss air support vessel commanded by a female voice)

  1. Pissed “Eat your peas.”
  2. Pissed “Don’t make me turn this ship around.”

Void Ray (Protoss air unit)

  1. Pissed “There is no greater void than the one between your ears.”
  2. “I am also null.”


Pissed “How peaceful it must be for you, to have a mind unburdened by thought.”

High Templar (Protoss spell caster)

  1. “I think we could make a successful merger.”
  2. Pissed “Do you know what happens to a frog when it gets hit by lightning? Same thing that happens to…other stuff.”

Pheonix (Protoss air-raider)

  1. “I have a lot of nerve….chords.”
  2. “Justice for all!…except the Zerg.”

Stalker (Protoss ranged ground unit with a creepy/shadowy voice)

“I am one with the darkness…ouch that hurt.”


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