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Funniest Starcraft II Quotes

Starcraft 2 iPistol Ad

iPistol (Advanced Targetting 3.0): Take your shot at life.

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Prince of Persia: ‘Waste’ of Time

Prince of Persia - A 'Waste' of Time

Prince of Persia - A 'Waste' of Time

I was so damn excited when I heard they were making a movie on Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia trilogy, even more so when the movie was actually released. I should’ve trusted my instinct on this one – movies based on games usually turn out lame.

Half-way through the movie, my enthusiasm had dug a grave for itself and jumped in. The movie was, to say the least, an hour and 45 minutes long torture session (a slow-mo enema with the dagger of time) for a POP series fan.

First of all, the plot was relatively weak and way too obvious, and not just for those who’ve played the game. Excessive hints and frequent, prolonged explanations made the script sound as if inspired by that of an orthodox Japanese anime or worse – Sesame Street.

Furthermore, the film didn’t feel – as very adequately put by the fellows at IGN – original. Throughout the movie, I was constantly reminded of The Mummy and Sinbad, and during my least favorite parts – Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

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Freedom of Speech: The Best Excuse

Freedom of Speech

The best excuse so far that the world (mainly comedians and internet trolls) has come up with to denounce and disgrace the values, cultures, traditions, morals and beliefs of small groups/factions to entire civilizations.

The term has been deemed most effective in making even the worst of worldwide racist agendas sound noble.

‘Freedom of Speech’ is also, by a certain school of thought, believed to be the cornerstone of yet another rapidly growing cult. This swift growth can be explained by a widely known empirical inference – people, in general, would prefer not being held accountable for their actions much less their words.


Appalling, isn’t it? Appalling but true.

Back in the ‘good old days’ only men with money and power had the right to free speech. If anyone else so much as dared to challenge their beliefs, there were severe consequences – like when the Catholic Church snuffed people for making fun of their diagram of the Solar System. Back then, there was no concept of divided sovereignty.

Things have changed. Nowadays, every racist, comedian, racist-comedian, damned internet troll and nut with a hole under his nose has access to the right to free speech.

That’s right. You don’t need to be qualified, respected or recognized in a certain field or subject to be allowed to criticize it publicly. You don’t even have to be of age. Which essentially means that even a five-year-old has the right to express his views in the National Assembly (“Mommy tells me you’re a  very bad man, Mr. Zardari”). Or, you know, the Vatican (“Mr. Benedict, what’s a pedophile?”).

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