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Video Games Graffiti 3 – Fallout 3

You find these quirky posters and sign boards everywhere in the magnanimous virtual world of Fallout 3. Owing to the size of the world, it’s quite easy to miss these. But if you stop to look away from flying heads and shiny inventory items once in a while (I know its hard), you’ll find that the developers have quite a sense of humor.

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Fallout 3 - Crap

You don't say!

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PSP Tries to Mooch off iPhone’s Popularity

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iPhone versus PSP - Publicity Fail

Dead Man’s Graffiti 2 – Dead Space

Dead Space is a extra-gory Resident-Evil-in-space survival horror – I hope that gives you a ¬†good enough idea of what the plot of the game is like. Yeah – same old. Though the creatures you get to saw, cut, mince and blow into pieces aren’t exactly zombies. But they’re pretty close.

The game play is different in many ways and very enjoyable to say the least. It would have been even better if the developers didn’t make those damn lifts so slow. I’m pretty sure the lifts take up at least 30% of gameplay time.

The game, true to its genre, is grim as hell from start to finish. There is just one part in the game where the developers seem to have found a sense of humor.

EpiFunny - Dead Space - Dead Man's Graffiti

Talk about losing a will to live!

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Video Games Graffiti – Portal

Portal - The Cake is a Lie - EpiFunnyDead Man’s Graffiti:

So I was sifting through my PC-games’ screenshots folder the other day and found some pretty interesting shots in my collection.

There is a trend that has been growing in newer games that encourages gamers to stop and look around within the virtual environment. One very popular form of this tactic is what you can call the “Dead Man’s Graffiti”. More common to the First Person Shooter and survival horror genre, this trend urges even the most hardcore of gamers to do something that they seldom do – read – even if it’s a dying virtual man’s final message, written in his own virtual blood on a virtual wall. If you ask me, it’s the best thing that has happened to PC games since the Unreal and Half-life engines.

Portal and the DMG:

Speaking of the Half-life engine – following is a screenshot I took while playing Portal (which was developed using the Half-life 2 engine and is, in my opinion, the most entertaining puzzle-oriented game ever). Continue reading