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Definitions of Technology

General Definition of Technology: Shiny stuff, most of which you can’t afford or wouldn’t buy owing to a lacking primary prerequisite – literacy.

Corporate Definition of Technology: Things that are imported.

Engineer’s Definition of Technology: An array of various Engineering disciplines implemented over blueprints of real-world solutions or conceptual drafts blah blah blah blah blah blah, aaaah screw it! I still don’t have a job!

Tech-blogger’s/Enthusiast’s Definition of Technology: iPhone

Note: Often followed by phrases/acronyms the likes of “It blew me away!” , “FTW!” or “It’s divine!”


Technological Racism: Black vs White iPhone 4

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white (unless you’re black).

Black vs White iPhone 4

PSP Tries to Mooch off iPhone’s Popularity

Click on image to enlarge

iPhone versus PSP - Publicity Fail

The Secret Behind Android’s Logo

Shrek and Artoo's Androids

iPhone 4 versus Nokia 3310: Antennacious!

iPhone vs Nokia 3310 - Antennacious


Hey! Hey! Hey, Apple!

Annoying Orange meets Apple

If you aren’t already familiar with the annoying orange, you should visit his/their YouTube channel. Do it. Now.

Visit Annoying Orange’s channel on YouTube.