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Yo, ‘Semite’ Sam!

Yo, 'Semite' Sam!

Who’d have thought the trigger-happy bunny-killer midget from Looney Toons could have a deeper meaning to his name?

Yosemite means literally “those who kill”.


Yeah, that sounds like our gun-wielding bandit alright. But its never that simple, is it?

Behind every complex ambiguity, there is an alternate meaning or hidden agenda. Behind every hidden agenda, there is a conspiracy theory (oh, there’s always a conspiracy theory).

And behind every conspiracy theory, there is a jew (“Oh no he di’int!”).

That’s just the way it is.

Look closely at the picture above – eyes burning with the intent to kill, guns stained with the blood of a thousand innocent (wabbits), pockets filled with ripe cash and last but not the least, an overly prominent nose. If that’s not a clear sign then what is?

Clearly, the ‘Semite’ in Sam’s name refers to his Jewish descent and the ‘Yo’ is probably a mere shout out. (“Yo, ‘Semite’ Sam! Whatsup Doc?” “I hates rabbits!”)

That’s right, he’s probably “Yosemite Sam! The rootin’-ist tootin’-ist roughest toughest riproarin’-ist hombre to ever cross the Rio Gran-de!” and ‘Semite’ Sam, Mossad agent by night.