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“DIFFRENT BARGAR (Kind of)” – Restaurant FAIL

So the local McDonald’s branch was pwned recently. That’s right, the city has lost one of its favorite eat-and-meet (and poondi) places. The location was in conflict with certain laws, they say. But was that the only reason? Nothing is ever that simple. Almost every large-scale occurrence has a conspiracy behind it, working the gears of a grand covert scheme.

And despite what a certain popular stereotype may imply, not every conspiracy has a Jew behind it.

My hunch is that the food-giant has been driven out of business (bitch-slapped) by a new bad-ass in town – A harmless little snack bar hidden in a neglected part of the capital city that has, unknown to many, taken the city by storm. I can see it now – Ronald McDonald running with his tail between his legs.

Behold – the shop that has (literally) redefined the words “innovation” and “burger”.

It has also reached a new level of hilarity in LOLspeak (Grammatically ridiculous English). And you thought “I Can Has CheezBurger” was pushing the envelope.

Restaurant FAIL - Diffrent Bargar Kind of


Ready! iSteady! Apple! Go!

After months, nay years of research, I think it is finally time to reveal unto the world, the truth behind the origin of the names given to Apple’s products.

Brace yourselves, for the truth is often hard to absorb.

Haven’t you ever wondered why they add that small-case ‘i’ before every product’s name? What does it mean? Is it a symbolic reference? Short for ‘internet’? ‘Interactive’?

It doesn’t mean anything, its not symbolic and it is definitely not short for ‘internet’ or ‘interactive’.

It’s origin is purely Pakistani.

It’s true. Don’t stare at the screen like that. I warned you about the truth. Don’t do that.  Staring harder won’t make it go away.

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