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Lost Scripts: The Original iPhone Advertisement

“If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone. Also, if you aren’t sitting, you’re probably standing, lying down, running or flying through the air courtesy of a nuclear-powered jet pack. Hence, you must buy an iPhone.

Don’t you see?

The logic is undeniable. You absolutely must buy one. It’s cool (because it’s expensive) and it’s simple (read: doofus-friendly) because there’s virtually no flexibility in the OS! It’s the Bieber of the technology world, a bimbo among smartphones.

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PSP Tries to Mooch off iPhone’s Popularity

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iPhone versus PSP - Publicity Fail

Hey! Hey! Hey, Apple!

Annoying Orange meets Apple

If you aren’t already familiar with the annoying orange, you should visit his/their YouTube channel. Do it. Now.

Visit Annoying Orange’s channel on YouTube.

Ready! iSteady! Apple! Go!

After months, nay years of research, I think it is finally time to reveal unto the world, the truth behind the origin of the names given to Apple’s products.

Brace yourselves, for the truth is often hard to absorb.

Haven’t you ever wondered why they add that small-case ‘i’ before every product’s name? What does it mean? Is it a symbolic reference? Short for ‘internet’? ‘Interactive’?

It doesn’t mean anything, its not symbolic and it is definitely not short for ‘internet’ or ‘interactive’.

It’s origin is purely Pakistani.

It’s true. Don’t stare at the screen like that. I warned you about the truth. Don’t do that.  Staring harder won’t make it go away.

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Apple Releases the iChocolate Notebook

Time and time again, Apple has overwhelmed the electronics market with expensive luxury electronic products that attract hype like power does politicians. Tech bloggers all around the world go ‘iCrazy’ when Apple releases as much as an ‘iFart’.

Apple’s relatively recent endeavor to make its products more ‘touchy’ has introduced into the tech world, an arsenal of cutting-edge (unnecessarily flashy and insanely expensive) products such as the iPod Touch, the iPhone and the iPhoneWithBiggerScreen (later named iPad).

And now, Apple has begun a venture into making iProducts tastier. That’s right. Apple’s new notebook, the iChocolate, is edible. Edible!


The iChocolate Notebook: It's Edible. Edible!

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