Dear Diary in LOLspeak 2

Deer Die-ry,

What’s above? Heh. You can nut answered me, can you? You are but an unliving thing. You are so stoop-ed.  Heh. I like unsulting peeple, even if they really aren’t people. But sometime I get my ace kicked trying to do so.

I went to KFC today to chick out their checken. It was very very yummy in my tummy. Sow when I went to counter to gut a second serving, I told the KFC weighters how I felt about the foods.

“I’m licking it!” I said. It was an complements. But for some treason, they awl started stairing at me. And like I sayed in my last entry, I DOESN’T LIKES TO BE FORKING STARED AT! Gut it?

Those stoop-ed parsons! I wanted to hit on them so hardlyful that they wood have forgotted their names!

But I acted like the gentleparson that I am. I de-sided to give them a taste of my insalts. As you no, my vocabuflurry is funtastickle.

When I started shouted unsults at them, their jaws dropped. It was as if dog had caught their dung. They new that their unsults wood just rick-o-shit off me.They started lawfing out of nerve-missness.

That’s when I de-sided that they has have enuff. Sow, I truned around and right left. The and.

I shore showed-off them! Next time, howforever, I’m not going to going to KFC. I’ll prick a better rest-runt.

Yours goodly,



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