Dear Diary in LOLspeak – The Worst Post Ever (EVAR!)

Deer Dairy,

To day, on the early early morning, I was circles around nearby markeet in my car at night. I was trying to dig some chicks. You no, chicking out some hens, trying to get it on with sum gals, peek up some beeches and all that cap. I am so cool and o-some, woot!

But at the same time, I am also a gentlepersonmans. I doesn’t like when I has have been looked upon hardly by other persons.

Its vary annoyingful. Jes, sametimes some peoples stair at the me. I doesn’t overstand why? May bee they are in-pressed by my books. I mean looks. Haha. I was only jokering.

You see, it’s ogay for me to chick out chicks. Why? Because isky is high. Haha. I was jokering. Again. Seriously dough, its ogay for me to stair at chicks because if they did nut want me to, they wood tell me.

In facked, I think they likes me. Some even proprose! When I wank my eyes at them, some show me the finger next to the one on witch chicks ware enrage-ment rings. No, no, not the small one. They usually donut give me time to response, or else I wood say yes in a Giffy. In a Giffy! I wood!

But Al-ass! All girls really seam to bee in a curry, unlike those bass turds who keeps locking at me all the times, as if I was stairing at their dough-ters! Haha! There I go jokering again.

If only there were more intelligence persons like me in the world, it wood be a better place. Also, everyones would only stair at the girls and stop stairing at me.

Ogay then deer dairy, I had been going now. I’m working on my tenses now an days and they had been improv a lot! Also, I now know how to writed my name! Woot! Win! Thinking of starting blog.

Yours sincity,



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