“DIFFRENT BARGAR (Kind of)” – Restaurant FAIL

So the local McDonald’s branch was pwned recently. That’s right, the city has lost one of its favorite eat-and-meet (and poondi) places. The location was in conflict with certain laws, they say. But was that the only reason? Nothing is ever that simple. Almost every large-scale occurrence has a conspiracy behind it, working the gears of a grand covert scheme.

And despite what a certain popular stereotype may imply, not every conspiracy has a Jew behind it.

My hunch is that the food-giant has been driven out of business (bitch-slapped) by a new bad-ass in town – A harmless little snack bar hidden in a neglected part of the capital city that has, unknown to many, taken the city by storm. I can see it now – Ronald McDonald running with his tail between his legs.

Behold – the shop that has (literally) redefined the words “innovation” and “burger”.

It has also reached a new level of hilarity in LOLspeak (Grammatically ridiculous English). And you thought “I Can Has CheezBurger” was pushing the envelope.

Restaurant FAIL - Diffrent Bargar Kind of


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2 responses to ““DIFFRENT BARGAR (Kind of)” – Restaurant FAIL

  • Saad Farooq

    Whats the point Sameed… sorry if that was a satire aimed at the closure of Mc Donanlds FJ Park branch than i had a hard time realising this… pardon my dumbness but whats it you wanna say..

    • Sameed Khan

      Haha, no. It wasn’t aimed at McDonalds. It was aimed at the broken English in the photo. “LOLspeak” and “I Can Has CheezBurger” are popular internet memes.

      I only used McDonalds to momentarily take your attention off the picture (*waves hands around and speaks in dreamy voice*).

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