Video Games Graffiti 3 – Fallout 3

You find these quirky posters and sign boards everywhere in the magnanimous virtual world of Fallout 3. Owing to the size of the world, it’s quite easy to miss these. But if you stop to look away from flying heads and shiny inventory items once in a while (I know its hard), you’ll find that the developers have quite a sense of humor.

Click the screenshots to enlarge

Fallout 3 - Crap

You don't say!


Fallout 3 - Lend Uncle Sam a Hand

Uncle Sam looks like he could use some Stimpacks too

And they like to top their humor with irony too. Here’s a post apocalyptic world’s standard of a scenic view.

Fallout 3 - Scenic View

Talk about bad aesthetics.

Fallout 3 - Trip Hazard

That's rich.

Fallout 3 - Spreading Awareness of Explosives

Spreading awareness of explosives among children. A little futile where the Nuclear Holocaust is concerned don't you think?

Fallout 3 - Nuclear Holocaust Ad

"Where will you be?" It's rude to point.

One second you’re blowing heads up in explosions of blood and gore galore and the next you’re looking at this (below). The contrast makes one laugh.

Fallout 3 - Funky Fallout 3 Watch

Definition of contrast. Blood, gore and the Fallout 3 equivalent of a Disney watch. The Fallout 3 mascot just cracks me up.


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