‘Shoemanship’ finds a new target

Until only recently, the only targets of hurled shoes were stray dogs, cats and teenage boys with an insatiable appetite for digging (no pun intended) chicks. A year ago, ‘shoemanship’ found a new target. The people of the world were taken by surprise as the American President himself was bombarded by a pair.

Despite the conviction of the perpetrator, the sport’s love for President’s did not falter. After beating about the Bush (heh), it found yet another target a couple of days ago, once again, however, missing its mark by a hair’s breadth. Apparently, the hurlers need more training. Or maybe its the shoes that need to be lighter (Nike Air?). Oxford style shoes and sandals just don’t cut it.

Jootay Khappay

"Sir, would you like to try a size 11?"


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