Apple Releases the iChocolate Notebook

Time and time again, Apple has overwhelmed the electronics market with expensive luxury electronic products that attract hype like power does politicians. Tech bloggers all around the world go ‘iCrazy’ when Apple releases as much as an ‘iFart’.

Apple’s relatively recent endeavor to make its products more ‘touchy’ has introduced into the tech world, an arsenal of cutting-edge (unnecessarily flashy and insanely expensive) products such as the iPod Touch, the iPhone and the iPhoneWithBiggerScreen (later named iPad).

And now, Apple has begun a venture into making iProducts tastier. That’s right. Apple’s new notebook, the iChocolate, is edible. Edible!


The iChocolate Notebook: It's Edible. Edible!

Which means good news for geeks all around the world – now you can sit infront of your notebook all day without having to get up to eat. Bad news for iPod, iPhone and iPad fans though – this technology will not be intigrated with the smaller Apple products as their sizes obviously come in the way of satiating larger apetites.

Needless to say, this new product goes perfectly with Apple’s name. It too is unnecessarily flashy and insanely expensive (iExpensive). And it’s edible (Like anything with an “Apple” tag on it should be). Edible!


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