Fried Sheep

So my friend and I were killing some time in one of my University’s computer labs when, owing to a random search using our trusty old search engine Google, we discovered yet another remarkable source of unintentional comedy the likes of the website where I found the Internate Jobs post.

‘Pakistan’. That is what my friend typed in the search bar. Following is a screenshot of the list of popular searches that appeared as a result.

Apparently, if scouting for phone numbers of females were a profession, it would attract a far greater number of local male applicants than the armed forces. Also, the navy is a lot less popular than the other two forces. But that is probably because tanks and jets are much cooler than ships.

Selecting the first entry in the list, we entered a place of bliss – a dating website where one can exchange email addresses and phone numbers via simple requests and a few stated social preferences.

That’s how I would describe it if I were trying to advertise it for a million bucks. Scratch that. A trillion bucks. Honestly though – it is a place of bliss. For the desperate.

It’s a forum where one can advertise one’s desperation via hilarious requests and ridiculous social preferences. Check this out.

“Looking a nice female for long relation friendship”. I believe him. I do. Really. Don’t laugh. Not yet. The best part’s next.

Take a look at the second post. The guy’s a natural, I’ll give him that. A natural comedian. He made us laugh like hyenas high on weed without meaning to. First he introduces himself in mandarin English. Then he declares that he is looking for beautiful people (forget to be specific much?) with whom he would like to have some fried sheep (“Ssssscore!”). Classic example of seduction through food (“So we’ll hang out here for a bit and then we’ll go grab a bite at Kentucky Fried Sheep. Whaddaya say, beautiful?”).



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