Looking for jobs on the Internet (“Internate”)

Until only recently, I – like all the other local job seekers out there – was of the opinion that hunting for jobs in Pakistan via the internet was a total and utter waste of time.

But then I stumbled across a particular post on a local job/employment opportunity website. This one:

Internate Jobs 2

Internate Jobs

First, the guy misspells the only word that is common to every post on the site, then he says that he passed intermediate with “successfully” numbers and the funny thing is – he’s probably telling the truth. We all know the requirements of getting through intermediate – one barely functioning cerebral cortex attached to a 1 Terabyte virtual hard drive.

If that didn’t tickle you enough, read the last sentence in the post. After doing quite a number on himself, the author seemed to have lost his cool, ending the post in a threat intended to send shivers down employers’ spines.

“I will doing everyone…”. Calm but deadly.

This is just one example. There are countless others. I never bothered glancing at job-pleas. This post made me realize what I’ve been missing. Think of all the fun employers must have. Goes to show how underrated HR is.


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